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Once-ler x Reader
"And I am not coming back!" ___________ shouted. "You take and you take and you don't understand!" 
She ran and ran and ran. How could she explain any better than how she had? Was he that dense?
She finally stopped to look at her surroundings. She saw that door. That looming door. The outside. It was right there calling her name.
That was her door to get away from everything
"Come back here you crazy bitch! I'll kill you!" 
She wasted no time in hurrying out. She stopped though, almost immediately. No grass, no trees, there was nothing. Nothing but stumps and oozing thick sludge. She heard a loud banging on the door and decided that it was time to go. She bolted down the steps, jumping over the stumps and avoiding the slick piles of grime.
She coughed when a light breeze blew past, carrying the pollutants into her lungs. It was bitter. She kept running. She hadn't even noticed that the sun was setting. She dare not return to the city either; people s
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 276 100
Troublesome Holidays (Rocket x reader)
    "And that’s how you do it." You smile proudly as you walk out of the building with an odd group following behind you.
    "I can't believe you got him to increase the pay by a thousand units!" Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, exclaims as he hurries his steps to catch up to you.
    Rocket and Groot had just brought you to the planet to meet his friends who were finishing up a delivery. You got there just before they went in to talk to the man they were delivering for and ended up going with them.
    "Nothing to it. I was around for a lot of my dad's negotiations so I know how it goes down."
    "But he was really upset about his ship. He was about to make us pay him for damages."
    "Like I said: Nothin’ to it. Maybe it's just because you're not me."
    "Or maybe it's cus you batted your eyelashes and showed off so
:iconfantasysmistress:FantasysMistress 115 30
Jeff the Killer x Child! Reader - Better
Jeff the Killer x Child! Reader
A/N: There is a Pewdiepie reference in here can ya find it?  
"I'm a better killer then you Jeff!" a little (h/c) haired girl ran around the living room swinging around a well known knife.
"(Y/n) give me back my knife!" Jeff the killer laughs chasing after her.
"Chop chop chop!" (Y/n) yells as she slices through the air.
"Hey Jeff I speak Chopnese!!!" her adorable laughter fills the room.
"It's a beautiful language" Jeff's permanent smile grew wider.
The 7 year old is finally in arms reach.
"Gotcha!" His arms rap around the girls small frame and the two tumble to the ground. Jeff then snatches the knife from her hands.
"No your knife is awesome" (Y/n) whined rolling all over the floor.
Jeff then leans over her.
"Oh (Y/n) you shouldn't have done that" Jeff's face darkens,
The little girls eyes widened and she squeaked. She then got up and ran.
(Y/n) noticed Eyeless Jack enter the room.
"Jack!!!" She cried hiding behind him.
"Jeff is trying to kill me
:icondemoncrona:demonCrona 440 264
Guess who I got OwO by Chibi-N92 Guess who I got OwO :iconchibi-n92:Chibi-N92 13 7
Jeff the Killer X Reader: You're mine to Protect
Jeff the Killer X Reader
y/n=your name l/n=last name f/r=favorite restaurant f/s=favorite song f/c=favorite color f/f=favorite food f/d=favorite drink
It was FINALLY summer break. You were excited for the next few months of freedom you had coming your way. There were so many things you had planned; it made you giggle to yourself as you exited the high school building. “Hey, y/n, call me sometime this summer!” One of your best friends yelled behind you. You turned around, gave them a thumbs up with a great smile, and ran off towards the gate. You had absolutely nothing in your backpack since you emptied it out before you went to school that morning. There was one downfall to this day however; it was only a half day, meaning that your parents wouldn’t pick you up, so you had to walk home.
Your house was super far away from the school; it was just on the boarder of the county line, and the buses didn’t go on your street. You lived in a neighborhood of old people. I
:iconsubsquentual:Subsquentual 724 221
Mature content
Don't Tell :iconmidnightsangel:midnightsangel 8 8
Slenderman X Child!Reader: Then Came the Embrace

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named (Name). She was a peculiar one. She had bright (e/c) eyes and lovely (h/l) (h/c) locks. She was usually a lonely child. Not that it bothered her.
    When (Name) was about five years old, she made her very first friend.
    He was a strange tall man with no face, and he never told her his name. But that didn't bother her. They had been friends for four and a half years. Every night, just after the stroke of midnight, (Name) would sneak from the house, run across the soft grass of her back yard, and meet the tall man who always stood just outside the gate, waiting in the woods. Of course, (Name) was never allowed to go past the confines of the yard, only to the very edge. She would sit on the damp grass with her face pressed against the cold metal, just talking away with the faceless man. And he was always interested, tilting his head to the side to
:iconsinglesunflower95:SingleSunflower95 584 208
Smaug is in the house BABY!!! :CG: by Chibi-N92 Smaug is in the house BABY!!! :CG: :iconchibi-n92:Chibi-N92 103 12
Care for a Fox ~ Foxy x Reader ~
You walk into Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, for a night shift job.  You look around, examining the place so you know where everything is.  You see the show stage where the first three characters of the place is located. “I’m guessing their quite a show stopper.”  You mumbled.  “Hopefully they stay put tonight.” You added. You’ve heard stories about Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and they seemed true to you, so you stayed very cautious with them. Next to the main stage was Pirate Cove, seemed peaceful. You notice a sigh that says ‘Sorry! Out of Order!’ on it. “Hmm….” You grew curious to what was behind the curtain. You open the curtain slightly and someone spoke that startled you. “Hey! Don’t be moving that curtain! Can’t you read signs.” You turn to the voice and it was the boss of Freddy Fazbear’s.  “Oh, sorry. I’ve grown curious….. I guess.
:icondiamond1997:Diamond1997 211 517
Rocket x Reader There For You Part 1
Rocket x Reader
There For You
a Reader-Insert by SophiaofTerra (c)
               You watched with curiosity as the new inmates walked further into the heart of the Kyln prison. Among them, a man (who appeared human), a tree-like humanoid, a raccoon, and Gamora. Everyone knew Gamora.
              The raccoon interested you.
              It was rare for anything non-human-like in nature to end up in a place like this. You wondered silently what it could have done to end up here.
              The group walked forward, looking around as insults were shouted at Gamora. The man leaned in and whispered something to the raccoon, who replied back with a voice that seemed to be male.
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 214 52
Rocket x Teen!Reader: Shooting straight

Hey again! (Need to find something new to say) This is also for a friend :3 The song is Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. 
You shout it out
But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud not saying much
I'm criticized
But all your bullets ricochet
Shoot me down, but I get up
You'd been traveling with the Guardians of the galaxy for a while now. It was fun, living in a spaceship, teasing Drax, pushing 'The Starlord' and Gamora into closets and locking them, even getting rides on Groot. But there was one member of the team who never opened up to you. Rocket. Groot's best friend and translator. The sharpshooter/inventor. The sassy grouse. The others kept assuring you he'd come around, but you were starting to lose hope. He didn't speak to you, except for the occasional gruff 'Hello' and 'Bye', which you were pretty sure was forced. 
I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire aw
:iconmaddymew:maddymew 147 11
Kiss Mark: Rocket x Reader Request
You were on Xandar to get the orb for some money. After the whole chase scene for the orb and Peter, you, Gamora, Peter, Rocket and Groot got arrested and were sent to the Kyln. Overtime, you grew a small crush on the furry team mate. You liked his personality and thought he was attractive.
Right now you were currently shopping on Xandar with Gamora. You didn’t usually go shopping, but you got tired of being on the Milano for a long period of time. You decided to go to a mall but you didn’t want to go by yourself. It took a while to convince Gamora to go with you because she wasn’t into the whole “shopping for clothes and shoes”.
You guys went from store to store trying on dresses and shoes. You were having a great time. It took a while for Gamora to actually have fun, but once you encouraged her to try on a dress she began smiling throughout the trip.
So far you had bought a new pair of boots, a (f/c) dress, and a (f/c) jumpsuit. Gamora on the other hand
:iconlloyd-m-garmadon:Lloyd-M-Garmadon 235 29
GOTG: Nighttime Comfort - Rocket X ChubbyReader
You were asleep in your room on the Milano until the call of nature woke you up.  You sighed as you sluggishly got out of your warm, cozy bed wearing your (fav. color) pajamas and headed to the bathroom.  After that you were on your way back to your room, you saw Peter Quill sitting at the controls keeping an eye out for any threats while he had his headphones on.  Then you noticed Rocket sitting at the table with a deeply troubled look on his face.  He held his head in his hands then crossed his arms and rested his head on them.  
You harbored a crush on the raccoon since the first day you met him.  He was funny, clever, and overall awesome.  In your mind it would never happen because one you were a human and he was a raccoon, and two you were on the chubby side.  Of course you can kick butt just as good as everybody else and you know how to work almost any weapon you can find.  Your only advantage for having a plush figure was that your op
:iconbluewolf14:bluewolf14 162 20
Rocket x Reader - A Different kind of Sweet
                       Guardians of the Galaxy - Rocket x Reader -   A Different kind of Sweet`
He was Different.... Y'know?
He wasn't like other men, And even so, Other men weren't like other men...
This was the Future.
A future filled with so Many races, looks, life... But even so, Does our Rationality turn our bad side. How nothing has changed that, how we treat others in a world-- Of a Time of Foreign Specie Immigration.    
"....He called me Rodent-- SHE Called me Vermin!?
I didn't ask to be made....I-I Didn't ask to be Torn apart and...and Be put back together again-- Over and over! Like some...L-Little Monster..."
No one is calling you a Monster.
--Our Rationality can also  sometimes be too much in our heads. Can be false.
I sat quietly, patiently in Quill's cockpit. The crew had been out and in, scattered about for plenty of days since Ronan's defeat. However that was long ago.
:iconmizzneon:MizzNeon 155 28
Punishment (Rocket x reader)
    The whole ship shakes with the shout of their angry crew mate.
    "What did you do this time?" Peter Quill, aka Star Lord, asks his furry friend.
    "I don't know. I didn't do nothin." Rocket shrugs.
    "LIKE HELL YOU DON'T KNOW!" You finally find the rodent and stomp over, pointing an accusing finger. "You took my iPod. Give it back!" You hold out you hand, palm up.
    "I don't have it." Rocket bravely denies.
    "I know you took it. I saw you on the security camera I set up."
    "You set up a security camera? Don't you trust me?"
    "Evidently not. You never give me any reasons to. Now where is it?"
    Rocket sighs and reaches over to a devise lying next to him.
    "What'd you do to it?"
:iconfantasysmistress:FantasysMistress 296 40
GOTG: My Girl - Rocket x Reader
It had been about a month since Ronan's defeat and so far everything's been going smoothly.  You've been with the Guardians since you all decided to team up and bust out of the Kyln prison.  Groot was almost back to his normal size but he still had some growing to do.  As for Rocket you've pretty much had a crush on him since day one.  One in a while you two would hit one of the local bars for a drink and sometimes one or both of you would come back drunk.  You wished Groot would come along but Rocket said that he promised Groot once he's fully grown he'll bring him with us.    
At this time, you and the Guardians were making a little pitstop while the Milano was getting a little maintenance work done.  It was just the typical check the engine, check the oil, and refuel.  Since it was going to take a couple of hours, you and the Guardians decided to go restock on some supplies such as food, ammo, medicine, etc.  You picked up a book or
:iconbluewolf14:bluewolf14 327 39




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